Project 100,00 or Why Muhammad Ali called to muster twice.

Ever wonder why Muhammad Ali (aka Cassius Clay) was called twice to muster, once in 1964 when he was rejected for not being bright enough to serve in a peacetime military, then reclassified as 1-A in 1966, and then conscripted in 1967? The answer to that question lies in a Pentagon decision entitled Project 100,000. At the time of the Ali controversy, Americans were unaware of this governmental action because the 'project' like so many other wrong and embarrassing acts had been buried as top secret and did not become public knowledge until after Daniel Ellsberg leaked the infamous 'Pentagon Papers' to the New York Times.

I don't need to explain the events to you, this short WikipediA page (linked below) will be more than adequate in explaining the wrong that occurred, to both Muhammad Ali and 100,000 other Americans.

Check this out, it is chilling:,000

God bless the leakers, God Bless liberty!