November 1992, Miami ::: Camacho had a plan!

Intoxicated, Hector Camacho was standing in the lobby of the Miami Airport Hilton yelling “I am the macho man.” When confronted by two police officers, the former lightweight champion was holding a small bag of marijuana. Determined to avoid the weed bust, Camacho had a plan: he ran.

It was a good plan, it went something like this: after a decade of yelling at the top of his lungs, 'look at me, I am the macho man,' Hector’s plan was to escape, blend in unnoticed with the locals, and avoid the police for the next 40 years by living quietly.  – OK, maybe that wasn't actually Camacho’s plan, but he did run, so I figure he had to have had some plan. (BTW he was wearing a T-shirt with "Macho Man" written across the front, just in case the police didn't know who they were chasing.)

Whatever Camacho’s plan actually was, like so many other 'good plans,' it went awry; once cornered Camacho refused to surrender and had to be subdued. During the arrest one of the police officers suffered a knee injury and the other had to be treated for cuts. The officers kept falling down while trying to grab the elusive Camacho. Charges against Camacho were upgraded from possession, to resisting arrest and battery on a police officer. OK, so not such a good plan after all.

In attempting to mitigate the Macho Man’s behavior, Camacho’s lawyer (obviously not a fight fan) offered to the media the following explanation: "You need to understand, his business involves using your hands, and he likes to bounce around a lot."

Rest in Peace Hector, you are missed.