The lineal HW Champions last fight:

# Inclusion based on a strong claim to the title

* The second Johnson-Simmons fight, from 04/28/1931 (KO 2/?), has been excluded because: "The Ring reported that Johnson made a couple of 'voodoo' passes over Brad, who then went down. Both men were barred from ever again appearing in a Kansas ring” [Boxrec]. As Jack Johnson’s last fight, I chose to go with their pervious fight from a month earlier,

Of the 39 Champions listed, 37 fought an opponent with a winning record; 34 fought an opponent with over ten wins; 15 won their last fight, 22 lost their last fight, with one fight ending in a draw. There was one ND; of the first 25 Champions only five (Tunney; Braddock, Marciano, Johansson, and Liston) won their final fight; among the last 14 Champions ten fighters won their final fight.

Their last fight was a title defense:

Their last fight was a title bid:

^^ James J. Jeffries (vs. Jack Johnson) can be assigned to both categories depended on opinion.

Their last fight was a title eliminator:

(A final pay-day) Their last fight was a miss-match:

(Nothing to gain but legacy) Their last fight was a serious challenge without it being a title defense, title bid, or title eliminator, e.g. Dempsey-Tunney II is not included:

Of the 39 Champions posted 16 ended their careers either defending or contesting for the HW title:

Four Champions ended their careers at Madison Square Garden, New York.

Three ended their careers at Yankee Stadium, The Bronx.

Of the 39 Champions listed 26 fought their last fight inside the United States, 13 overseas.

From the he’s still around? group; longest period from losing the title to their last fight, in years: