A Boxing Lexicon ::: The Letter B

Back to the ropes: term used in the common lexicon to denote an individual in a difficult situation; a fighter leaning on the ropes is usually seen as being in trouble aka 'against the ropes'

Bantamweight: a weight classification; usually 118 lbs.

Bare knuckle fighter: a retronym created for fighter who fight without the protection of gloves

Bare knuckle fight: a prize fight where fighters do not wear protective boxing gloves; often fought under the London Prize Fight Rules (revised); currently illegal in most jurisdictions

Battle money: bare knuckle era term used to describe the money earned from a prize fight; term used in the LPF Rules; commonly referred to today as a fighter's "purse"

Below the belt: a punch that lands below the belt of of a fighter's trunks; an illegal blow; aka 'low blow'

Between rounds: denotes the one minute rest period given to fighters under the MQB rules

Big fight: any fight that is anticipated by the public

Blue (red) corner: a distinction used to to identify contestants; deployed in theory to avoid bias judging, favorable treatment

Bob and weave: fighting technique in which a fighter moves his upper body from side to side to avoid punches

Body blow: any punch below the neck and above the belt line; a legal blow

Body Snatcher: a fighter who likes to throw body blows; a nickname given to fighters who are apt at throwing body blows; related to the maxim 'kill the body and the head will die'

Body shot: see 'body blow'

Bolo punch: a punch usually thrown to the body in which the fighter rotates the arm similar to a windmill softball picture

Bookie: see 'bookmaker

Bookmaker: illegal entrepreneur who arranges wagers between gamblers for a percentage

Bout: term that describes a prize fight

Boxer: a fighter trained in the martial art of boxing

Boxing: a martial art deployed by prize fighters to win prize fights

Boxing boots: the boots worn by prize fighters

Boxing commissioner: usually a State assigned government official responsible for regulating unarmed combatant sports

Boxing ring: raised canvassed platform enclosed by three/four strands of rope connected at corners; standard size 24’ (size can vary)

Break: instruction form the referee for fighters to stop clinching

Break clean: a referee's instruction/warning for fighters to stop clinching (holding) but not to throw a punch until the fighters are fairly separated

Bucket: a bucket for the fighter to spit water or blood into

Bum of the month: a term used to denote a champion who fights a regular diet of easy competition; first coined for Joe Louis’ multiple defenses against lesser competition