A Boxing Lexicon ::: The Letter D

Dirty fighter: denotes a fighter who deliberately break the rules for advantage

Disqualified (DQ): term used to identify the results of a bout where one fighter is not allowed to continue because of fouling (dirty fighting)commonly expressed as "taking a dive" - has crossed over into the general lexicon for anyone who deliberately loses

Dive: a term use to denote the action of a fighter who has deliberately lost a prize fight by falling to the canvas and being 'counted out'

Double-up on the jab: trainer to fighter instruction to throw two jabs in sequence; effect technique to avoid counter-punches; both an offensive and defensive punch

Down for the count: denotes a fighter that has been ruled defeated for failing to rise to his feet before a count of ten

Down goes Frazier: term made famous by fight announcer Howard Cosell during the Frazier-Foreman Championship bout; has crossed over into common culture as a metaphor for an exciting moment where an advantage has been gained

Dressing room: back stage (back area) area where fighters prepare for the fight; location where fighters hands are taped and gloves laced on