A Boxing Lexicon ::: The Letter E

Educated right hand: a fighter who throws a good right hand at the right time; denotes an experienced boxer

Elimination bout: a fight where the winner is usually awarded a 'title shot' in his next fight

Endswell (brand name): a metal device (usually cooled) pressed against a fighter's face to push-away swelling from around the eye

Entourage: groups of men who follow a prize fighter around (purportedly first used by sports writers to identify Sugar Ray Robinson’s 'hanger-on's')

Even round: a round scored even by judges; in the ten-point must each fighter receives a score of 10; in fights scored by rounds the round is denoted simply as 'even'

Everlast gloves (brand name): the most commonly used boxing glove, produced by the Everlast Corporation in which the horse hair padding is predominately placed over the knuckles