A Boxing Lexicon ::: The Letter L

Laces: string ties used to secure the boxing glove to s fighter’s hand

Lacing and opponent: an illegal tactic when a fighter deliberately rubs his boxing glove laces over an opponent’s eye hoping to cause injury; because of glove design and covering tape it a lost art (dirty tactic)

Late rounds: a term usually applied to the last three rounds of any prize fight ten rounds or longer

Last round: the last round of any fight is noted, for the fighters, the judges, and the fans by having the combatants come to the center of the ring and touch gloves

Laying on the ropes: fights will place there backs on the ring ropes allowing the ropes to carry some of their weight thus diminishing some of the effect of their opponent's punches; the tactic has become famous as the "rope the dope" tactic deployed ny Muhammad Ali against George Foreman in Zaire (the Rumble in the Jungle)

Leads with his chin: used to denote a fighter who has a reputation as being easy to hit

Left hook: a punch thrown from the orthodox stance in which the fighter rolls his shoulder when delivering the punch

Left Jab: a punch, usually delivered by a fighter from the orthodox stance; considered to be both an offensive and defensive punch

Let’s get ready to rumble: popular phrase used by announced to excite an audience, denoting the beginning of the main event; eventually copyright by Michael Buffer, Las Vegas announcer and now exclusively by him

Light-heavyweight: 175 lbs. weight classification

Lightweight: 135 lbs. weight classification

Lineal champion: a champion who gains recognized by defeating a recognized champion, i.e. 'the guy who beat the guy;' the champion is usually not associated with a sanctioning body

London Prize Fight Rules (Revised): the 1853 rule of unarmed combat the governed prize fights during the bare knuckle era

Looking for a soft spot to lay down: a term use to denote a fighter who has the look of a fighter who wants to end a fight by quitting; a fighter who may be about to 'take a dive' (quit)

Low blow: a punch that lands below an opponent’s belt-line; used in the common lexicon today to denote anyone who is willing to cheat for gain