Donald Trump is no counter-puncher

Donald Trump is many things to many people but as a lifelong fan of the fight game, I wish they would stop referring to Donald Trump a 'natural counter puncher.’'

Just because a man ‘wants’ to punch someone back, does not make him a 'counter puncher.'

Whenever Donald Trump loses control of himself and acts out like an angry 16 year old girl on twitter, his supporters are too quick to try and excuse away his childish behavior by exclaiming "it's OK it's just that he is a natural counter puncher."

No he is not; it is unequivocally the wrong metaphor; in the fight game a counter puncher is a technician, one who has mastered the marital art of boxing, not someone who acts out of impulse. The fight game reserves that term for fighters who are considered smart, patient, and disciplined, i.e. experienced. The term most commonly affixed to a great counter puncher is 'finesse'; a trait no one, not even his supporters, associates with Donald Trump.

The boxing lexicon has a better term for someone who acts-out like Donald Trump: when a kid gets cracked in the face hard, panics, and starts blindly flailing his arms in every direction, catching only air, that kid is commonly called an "amateur," not a counter puncher.