Palooka (1934)

Jimmy Durante as Knobby Walsh:

"Boy, fortune is smack'en us on the head with a Champaign bottle, we’re launched, can’t you see your name on the billboards, Joe Palooka, the son of the grand old champ. Boy I'm gunna exploit ya, pump up the headlines, make you a champ-pean like your dear old dad, I can see it now, you’re in the ring trading punches, the other guy's generous, he gives two for one, he clips ya on the chin, but I'm undaunted, then comes the crude'ical moment, the turn'n point, ya lay the rat low, foul they cry, but we’re try-um-pent!. The referee counts him out, with shouts and cheers they hail young Joe Palooka, the new champ-pean of the world. . . . Sign right here kid."